Medical Insurance

We work with all of the major insurance carriers to provide custom designed group medical plans for small and mid-size businesses as well as larger employers.  We provide creative guidance to develop plans that control costs and provide quality benefits to employees.  We help large companies design their plans to meet the Affordable Care Act requirements and avoid costly fines.  Plans can include consumer driven approaches like  Health Care Savings Accounts (H S A), Health Care Reimbursement Accounts (H R A), or fully or partially self-funded.

Dental And Vision Insurance

We can help you offer access to these popular benefits for your employees.  This can be paid for by the employer, or fully or partially paid by the employee as a voluntary benefit.

Life Insurance

Group life insurance is surprisingly affordable, and it is a very valuable benefit for employees and their families.  We can design simple or sophisticated life insurance programs.  We can help you provide employees with an opportunity to purchase additional life insurance at their own cost at a low group rate with preferred underwriting.

Disability Insurance

We work with insurance carriers that offer short and long-term disability insurance to employees.  This coverage gives your employees income protection in the event they cannot work due to accident or illness.  These plans are highly customizable to satisfy any kind of budget or income replacement needs.

Section 125, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), And Transportation:

Our third-party administrators, will administer Section 125 plans where premiums can be deducted from employee’s payroll on a pre-tax basis.  This offers income tax savings to both the employer and the employee.  Flexible Savings Accounts offer a way for employees to pay for health care or dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis.  Transportation benefits can be added so that employees can pay for parking and public transportation on a pre-tax basis.  These types of benefits offer income tax savings to the employer and cost very little to offer.

Worksite Voluntary Benefits

Our agency provides a full suite of Worksite Voluntary Benefits.  These benefits can include optional coverage for accidents, cancer, critical illnesses, and other supplemental medical insurance.  We assist with plan design and perform the enrollment and maintenance of these plans for you.  These types of benefits are becoming very popular, and they make your benefits plan more robust.

Identity Theft Protection & pre-Paid Legal Coverage

People are more concerned than ever with protecting their identity, and the identity of their families.  We bring identity theft protection right to the workplace at a discounted group rate that can be conveniently paid for through payroll deduction.  Pre-Paid Legal plans offer employees access to attorneys without the high cost of an hourly rate.  This can be offered as a low cost package with identity theft.

Wellness Programs

We can bring a full wellness program to your business, that can include biometric screenings, reporting, and incentives.  We are also there to assist you in utilizing the wellness programs that are offered through your medical insurance carrier, often times at no cost.  We also offer

  • Cobra And Compliance: 

We offer our clients COBRA administration services to take the burden out of offering COBRA and Illinois State Continuation.  We assist our clients with Affordable Care Act and ERISA compliance.

  • Benefits Administration Website: 

Our agency can provide an employee benefits website to your employees.  The site is branded to the employer and allows employees to view their benefits and enroll on-line.

  • 401(k) And Retirement Plans: 

Our financial partners will assist with establishing a retirement plan for your business or reviewing your existing plan to review fees, and ensure that your plan is up to date and compliant.

Financial Wellness

We can offer Wealth Steps® financial wellness workshops at your company. Wealth Steps is a step-by-step financial wellness program that provides employees with a foundation for financial decision-making using a holistic, personalized approach, through a series of customizable, in-person workshops hosted at your company.